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Anjuna beach finds equal favor amongst all kinds of crowds, be it a group of overlanders, monks, defiant ex-hippies, artists, seers, researchers or just someone looking for a place to rejuvenate. The place has life and enthusiasm written in its air. The all night long beach parties, the Christmas to New Year frenzy or the swanky full moon parties, Anjuna is always up for it. On a day trip to Anjuna you can savor the best delights at the famous flea market or the shopping hangout off the beach or else you can enjoy the easy strolls on a moonlit night on the cool silvery sands.

8 km west of Mapusa, Anjuna is one of the most popular beaches in Goa. The sea is calm so you can enjoy swimming or enjoy the allure of sunset from any of the beach resorts’ balcony. Enjoy the funky music and loud beach parties that are a fixture of Anjuna. For the gourmets Anjuna offers the best of western seafood. You can choose from amongst any of the beachfront or village hotels. All of them are equally simple and serve equally delighting food and chilled beer.

The best bets are the semi open-air, thatched palm leaf affairs, specializing in fish and western food. The beach also offers fresh fruit buys such as watermelons, pineapples and locally grown coconuts.
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